Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hey everyone! Its about time you say? Well, we had a little bugger in our computer and it kept me away from having access to the Internet. It was hard for me to not post anything but after a couple of weeks we were able to get things running again. Then, I also bought a new camera and I am trying to figure all the doo dahs and incorporate them in my head. Its hard for me to change but I like this new camera and hopefully it will do what I want it to do.
My garden is finally growing the way it should. Here in Arizona we get to start planting late Feb. early Mar. because of the heat. I think that I didn't let the manure sit long enough before I planted the seeds and everything seem to grow very slowly. I thought that I stunted the growth somehow, but I kept watering and suddenly a few weeks ago, everything started growing like wildflower. There is something wonderful about seeing fresh produce on you kitchen counter, knowing that it came from your garden.
I have a lot of photos so this post will look like I am trying to catch up. This is block number #7 for the Jelly Roll Quilt Sampler.

These next 2 photos should be in the reverse. I have been sewing tons of bags and maybe you will see more photos later. This one was made for a friend who wanted to gift this to an ASU graduate. She just loved it. If you look closely at the covered button, you can see the devils trident.



  1. Glad you are back and with a new camera.
    Your veggies looks like they did well and now you are crusing on your jelly roll along...I need to get busy and catch up.

  2. So cute! Thanks for entering my blog contest!