Friday, August 27, 2010

I have decided that one of the reasons that I seem to be lagging in the sewing mode is that here in Arizona, its Hot!, and I really think its wearing on me.
Any Arizona's out there agree with me?

Anyways, Here's a bunch of pic's. I wanted to actually load up more but the loading page only took 5 so I will add another post!
My main focus has been the Jelly Roll Sampler Quilt Along. I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to incorporate the blocks in my
sewing class. We only meet once a month now that summer break is over and so I was going to do 4 at once. I think that was a little too much for one day, so we are going to break it up even more.
I went ahead and finished my original Sampler, which is probably the last photo, and then started making 2 more. One of which is total Christmas scraps. "Make do with what you got" and since I "got a lot of scraps" I went for it.

The same with the bright color ones. I've had that little flower on white background fabric for such a long time that I made that my background and built the colors around that. I really like the bright colors.

You see here a couple of the blocks close up. No sashing yet, I want to utilize the blocks for demo's for the class.

Don't look to close to the carpet, I didn't vacuum. Whats more important anyways, Vacuuming or quilting?

Here's the original Jelly Roll Sampler that I started out with. It's amazing how suddenly it looks so different once all the blocks are in place. Yeah!

Now for the Quilting!


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