Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Have you ever made a quilt out of a
Shower Curtain?

My friend Robbie's daughter fell in love with this old tree and wanted it for her bed. Robbie ask if I thought it was possible to make a quilt with it and at first I thought how strange that was. But from looking at the curtain and realizing it was just another kind of fabric and not the "plastic lining" I thought why not!

I cut off the buttonholes off the top and added the triple boarder to jazz it up and wha la, it works! Needless to say, her daughter just loves it. I only did a simple diagonal quilt lines since I really have never work with a whole piece of fabric before and I was afraid of bunching up even with the zillion safety pins that I had on it. The second photo shows a 22 inch pillow, without the pillow in it, to add to her decor. This is quilt #53

Now I am off to San Diego to see my new grandson Jaxon! Photos will come soon

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