Sunday, June 21, 2009

OK, at the beginning of this blog, I talked about starting off with the beginnings. My intention was to start blogging about those first quilts and go somewhat in a chronicle order. I ended up not doing that because the excitement in starting to blog was basically "impressive to me" that I was able to do it in the 1st place, that I immediately jumped in and started posting all the photos that I had handy.
Well here it is folks. QUILT #1 - Christmas patchwork, tied quilted. Quilt #2 was a turquoise colored patchwork that I had my son Dallin help tie. Quilt #3 is the strawberry,mint green railroad patch and likewise, had my daughter Karen help tie for her bed. Skip #4 and with Quilt #5, the Blue and Big Red stars, tied, for my son Chase. These quilts were when the kids were 6 or so years younger and helping with the tying was much easier to coax them into. I just wanted to practice with the blocking and 1/4 seams etc, plus I was always wanting to get them to learn a little about sewing just for their own benefit.
Now the embarrassing part is that I actually photoed real photographs just for the sake of getting them on this blog site.

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