Sunday, June 21, 2009

Yep - more photos of photographs. Quilt #7 is a table runner that I did make 2 of. One for my brother John and his wife for a wedding gift. You probably have noticed that I like to make in duplicates so that I can keep one myself. Once I do make a quilt, I like to go on to another "quest" and don't like to start over and do another identical one. Its better for me to sew in quantities at the same time.

Quilt #9 - This quilt was made for my son Brian. After tying quilts for the other ones, He was wondering when he would get His quilt. So. I thought let me try to make an Arizona Diamondback Quilt for his favorite team. I was totally making this pattern up. Brian helped with the design of the "A" and this quilt was the 1st attempt that I did at free-motion maching quilting. Boy, have I had to learn a lot about maching quilting. But it was a start, and thats what it is all about.

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