Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Here is a quick project for you. Somewhere I got this idea to make little hand towels for Christmas that I could give as little presents and of course for me as well. I have been trying hard to use up the stash of scraps that I have and not spend anymore money. I did buy the hand towels which I got from Target where they were sold in 4 packs and not that expensive. I will admit that they are not the best quality hand towels but they are perfect for the season.
The 4-packs only came in these 3 colors and I was hesitant about the sage green, but you can see that it actually came out just perfect with this little print. Some of my friends who see these photos will recognize some of the fabric from the scrubs that I made for them. And of course, with the quilter in me, I added a little quilting for stabilization and it actually adds to the cuteness! Whats your favorite? My favorite is the green one.

Now I am thinking of the other holidays! Whoa!, I guess I better remember the UFO's that I have first.
Have Fun! and Happy Holidays.


  1. Glad to see this idea shared on your block. I have been enjoying doing this for years, for all holidays. I also use the solid kitchen towels from WalMart, as well as the kitchen tea towels. And I have bath sets decorated too.

    You can also add ribbon, or embroidery. And they even work well inside of gift baskets with other goodies for silent auctions/raffles.

    I just wish I could find better sources for the towels, at reasonable prices. WalMart and Target no longer carry the finger towels, and rarely have solids in stock.

    Maybe we could start a towel exchange group? I'd love to receive one of your delightfully decorated towels!


  2. Those are really nice....I did applique on mine but the trim would have added so much more.