Friday, February 26, 2010

Heres my big accomplishment for the day! I got my garden planted in my new raised garden bed. It amazes me that something so simple as getting a new garden started brings happiness and joy to your heart. I havn't had a garden for a few years and so I am so very excited about this new garden.

During the 1 st watering, I discovered a new little problem. My faucet needs replacing with probably a new washer as well, water was going everywhere.

And, besides veggies, you need a bit of color as well, Here is my new Lantana that will bloom red and yellow all year round.

Good luck little garden. May you bring me squash, chard, lettuce, cucumbers, tomatos and herbs.
Now, back to the quilting!


  1. YOu might get shot for showing those pictures...everyone is dying for spring and here you already have your wonderful gardent going.....

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  3. I agree with Barb...
    Out here in Pennsylvania people are threatening to shoot the Ground Hog! I'll trade some fat quarters for some sunshine anyday~!!!!!