Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Yes I am still here! I wonder where the time has flown too. I admit I have been busy with my daughters wedding, which photos I have still yet to put on my blog and I promise that I will soon, and then just trying to get my house back in order. You all know it takes time, especially when you already work full time and you already have other sewing requests that need to get done.
The house (lol) I don't think that it will ever get "back in order" the way it needs to be, even when you are just down to 1 child left living with you, this place is a mess. Besides who out there knows another person that just married off 5 of their kids in the last 11 months. Lets just say that I am pooped. Photos will come soon, I am excited about showing off the dress that I made for my daughter.

Meanwhile, here is a pic of another bag that I made for my friend Julie for her daughters birthday. She wanted a Vera Bradley Look for a tote, and this is what I made for her.

For some reason, this photo won't zoom in for you, but you get a close up shot from the photo at the beginning of this blog.

Now I am off to make some privacy gowns and lap covers for a doctors office, some mending and finishing the wedding quilt that didn't get down for Karen and Ammons wedding. Tally-Ho!


  1. How fun for you.....to marry off 5 of your kids....can I come rub shoulders with you, maybe one just one of my sons will get married.

    I find that I am not as clean as I was when they were home....I am not dirty but I do let things go.....am I bad or what?

    Glad to hear from you again.

  2. Nice giveaway over at www.inchwormfabrics.blogspot.com

  3. The bag is darling! I love the fabrics that you've used :)

  4. I'll help ya clean whenever you want! I'll help you get organized. It's what I do best!