Saturday, March 27, 2010

I finally finished Karen and Ammons wedding quilt. It was disappointing for me to not have finished it before the wedding! You know how everyone likes to display the Quilt during the reception, well I did anyways, sandwiched and safety pinned to death! One guest even came up to us and asked if there was a significance to all the safety pins. I just assumed everyone would know that it was just not finished yet. I guess having 5 of my kids get married in 11 months did me in with having lots and lots of things to do!

After the wedding was over, it did suddenly get put in the not so important to finish pile. After a few other accomplishments I started feeling so guilty when Karen started saying how cold she was at night! So.... Now that the weather is really warming up its finished!!! lol, Sorry Karen.

It was really a very cute and easy pattern called Venetian Dream from Fons and Porter. This will be Quilt #47.



  1. What a lovely quilt and wow...that is alot of weddings in such a short time span.

  2. When I saw this hanging up for the reception with all those safety pins in it I was touched and though how precious. The thing I love about you is that you keep going! What a dedicated mom and QUILTER you are! Loved the colors so much they are Beautiful, you truly are an inspiration.