Thursday, March 25, 2010

Its been almost 2 months since Karen got married, but I promised that I would show you the dress that Karen wore. The photos are in reversed order that I wanted them to be in so - This photo is of all my children along with their spouses.
I sure do love all of them. What blessings they are to me. One son, Dallin, who is 9th from the left is the only one that is not married. He will be leaving me shortly as well as he is preparing for his mission later this year.

This photo is in the room where we got her ready. Not the best photo of that lady in black who we will leave "unidentified" but it was a good one of the dress.
Its a 2 pieced dress. The top has trim and beads around the neckline, sleeve hems and at the bottom of the bodice. The skirt has very large beads tacked in where there is a puffed bunch.

She liked it!

You may need to click on the picture to enlarge it for the details

And this is lovely Karen. Don't remember if its before or after the ceremony, but she looks so happy. I love her lots.

I always wanted to make my daughters wedding dress and now I can say that dream has been accomplished!



  1. What a beautiful you will be an empty nester in a few months? Let us know where he goes on his mission. I have a son in the West Indies right now. I have five sons and none of them are married....

  2. Gorgeous bride and love the pic of all your children and their spouses...

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