Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Blogger Quilt Festival

Decided to post a photo of a quilt that I made for my son Chase about 1-1/2 - 2 years ago as a memory quilt for his 2 years in South Africa. He sent me some fabric from South Africa with all the panels of the large animals native to the area. I held on the fabric for a while with the intention to do something when I came along a pattern to do the middle with batiks. I thought it would go quite well with the theme of the quilt. I was also quite tickled when I was asked if it could hang in a quilt display in the Gilbert Ariz. museum for awhile. Chase really enjoys this quilt and I hope it reminds him about his time there with fond memories. The interior portion of the quilt was a stack and whack type of thing, which I had never done. It was really fun to watch all the colors blend together and then boarder with the black to make it stand out.

You need to go over to Amy's Creative Side to see the Fall Blogger Festival of quilts and browse around and see all the beautiful quilts.
Enjoy! (again)


  1. I really like this mosiac look!

  2. Your quilt looks great. The animal fabrics look great around the borders and I love the colours in the internal blocks.
    What a great memory quilt!