Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Blogging is fairly new to me and one of the things I have discovered while checking out other quilt bloggers is this thing called "Block Swaps" Intriguing! I decided that I would like to be a part of one, but the trick is to find one before it fills up! Well with a beginner's eagerness, I found one via another blogger and quickly signed up.

I am proud to say that I am #88 out of 100 participants in the Aqua and Red Disappearing 9-Patch Block Swap. I'm laughing out loud at how silly I get with this little excitement, but there must be other quilters out there who can understand me.

Here's a picture of my Disappearing 9-patch blocks.
Another blogger mentioned that it was surprising at how difficult it was to find Aqua color fabric. I agree. The Aqua color is easier to see if you blow up the picture.

I wonder how many blocks I will receive with matching fabrics.
Now for the pondering on how I will put together the finished project.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

During my trip to Pennsylvania, My sisters Laura arranged for a little traditional quilting fun. This photo is of my sisters Laura, Lisa and myself.
We have been doing this for 3-4 years now and it has become such a cherish time for us. It gives us a chance to learn from each other as well as strengthen us as sisters who unfortunately have to live so far away from each other. How grateful I am for them and also for this small yet significant new tradition we have.

Here we are in action, along with a new quilting friend Kate with her daughter Josie. Laura arrange tables where we could face each other as we sewed. It was fun to be able to watch each of us as we took little changes in color, placement to suit our taste. And of course to watch each other as we talk, share laughs and smiles.

We only had the better part of the morning and early afternoon for our get together but "ta da" this is the project that we work on. Mine is squished up between 2 sewing machines with the buttons laying on top. Its not quilted yet, but when it is, I'll post another post for you.

I plan on hanging it outside my front door this Winter. I think most of us were so excited about this cute snowman, that a lot of our doors will be adorned by him. I brought enough scraps home that I plan on making more, which some additions from my own fabric stash.

I do have to make a confession. I left with one suitcase and came home with two. Whats up with that? Yep, more fabric. But, I know you will understand. How can someone pass up a good sale. Unfortunately, a quilt shop owner in my sister's community has had to close her doors and I was one of the lucky ones to acquire some beautiful fabrics for a very good price. May her dreams come true as she works on establishing another store.

Time flies in blogger land. I can't believe that it is already Sept. 26 and 16 days since I last blogged. I suppose I can give myself credit for the last 9 days in which I took a much needed trip to visit my son Stephen and his wife Jodi down in Mississippi and then up to Pennsylvania to see my two sisters Laura and Lisa. Here are just a few photos, not much to show all that happen, just the highlights. One day we drove down the highway along the gulf and stopped to take photos of these wooden sculptures. The sculptures are works of art performed by a man using the trees that were uprooted and damaged from Hurricane Katrina 4 years ago. This bird one was rather striking because each bird is sculpted from a different branch of the tree as it splits off. These sculptures are all located in the island of the highway as you travel up and down the coast.

This second photo is Stephen and Jodi in New Orleans. A little day trip that we took. We visited the French Quarter and because it was so humid, my hair was all plastered down so therefore you don't get to see a picture of me.

My photos are out of order - oops!

In this one Stephen, Jodi and I are standing in front of a seahorse, another one of the sculpted trees. Its hard to visualize because we are standing in a odd spot.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

These are the photos for my wedding quilt for my son Chase and his fiance Courtney. They are to be married Oct. 30th, but the bridal shower is this Saturday, and its usually its at the bridal shower that I give them this gift. This is quilt # 41 and I'll be starting quilt #42 pretty shortly for the next child of mine to be married this year. These weddings have been keeping me quite busy this year. Its been a delite, especially with the quilt making. I sure hope Chase and Courtney like it. I think they will.

This pattern just came out in the American Patchwork & Quilting Aug. 2009 issue. My photos don't do justice compared to the photos in the magazine. When you pull up a close up on this photo you can see my ever learning machine quilting. I don't use a giant long-arm with my quilts. I have often thought of maybe someday purchasing one, but I have mixed emotions about my own ability to maneuver the quilt on my mega-quilter over the computer controlled designs. The long-arm does have its advantages, but because I don't have money or space I guess I'll side with trying to strengthen my own skills on my old faithful machine.

With this close-up, you can see that its a great pattern for using up a lot of your scrappy leftovers. I'm convinced that scrappy never has to look like leftovers. Hope you enjoy!
P.S. - if you see Courtney before the Bridal Shower, Don't tell her!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I decided to make my granddaughter some big blocks for her 1st birthday. She is 14 months here and she is able to grab on to them and usually just throws them around. Her Dad is here helping her with building this tower. She is just so cute and its such a joy watching her grow. I just love being a grandmother. The blocks were pretty easy to make. I can imagine making pretty swirlly, pocka-dot, multi-colored blocks. That would be fun, maybe I will do that in the future.

Meanwhile, I have been very busy making bags. Just finished a couple of scrub tops for nurses at work and preparing to finish a quilt for my son Chase's finance bridal shower next week. Lots to do. This will be wedding #4 for the year. My daughter will be a couple months later. Soon I will post pictures of her dress that- yes I am making and is turning out very pretty. I am happy that she is pleased with the results. You'll be able to see photos of those soon.

Another project will be starting in 2010. Since this year has been quite a hectic year with a total of 5 weddings etc, my house is in deep need of purging. Closets that have stuff that I don't have any idea of whats hidden in the back, Cabinets with old sheets from way long yesteryear from kids growing and leaving the house. So each month I will pick a area that needs deep cleaning and just go for it. Purge, donate or just throw away.

How funny it is that my craft/sewing room is probable the most organized. Is that a sign of a true Procraftinator? lol Wish me luck!