Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Well, I'm just as shock as everyone else about how much time has gone by since my last blog entry.
But as you can see, I havn't had much time to be quilting. My daughter Karen who has been engaged for about 1-1/2 years gentle asked me if it would be okay if they got married in 7 weeks. Since I love her and since I have been patiently wondering when they would finally make a day, I just said "Lets do it". I only have one daughter and its always been a dream of mine to do her wedding dress, so here it is. You will get a chance to see it when she is wearing it, because this doesn't do justice hanging on a hanger. Her wedding gown is actually 2 pieces. The skirt is full with bunching with big pearls attached wear its anchored to an underskirt. The top is gathered on the sides causing it to ripple at her waist.

There is wide lace with pearls attached all around her neck, sleeve arms and all around bottom edge.

What do you think. The wedding is Jan. 29th.

Don't count on to much blogging until after the big day.

I'm excited!!!!!


  1. it looks magnificent!! cant wait to see it on her!

  2. Amazing! No doubt she will be very beautiful and lovely wearing her gown. Not to many girls can say, my mother made it just for me! Sweet.