Thursday, April 22, 2010

Whats this, A giant Hole in My curtain?
Well to explain this: this room was originally my boys bedroom before I converted it over to my sewing room. The plan was to make new drapes but that project kept getting put to the side. Then I decided that because it gets so very hot here in Arizona and this window catches all the morning 1st rays, I needed to cover it up to make it a more pleasant temperature in my room. I have this grand idea to put another pocketed cover board right in the window space, taking away the awful heat, and providing me more storage spots. But I think I will miss my friends. You can't believe how many times I happen to glance out that hole from where I sit and see birds sitting on that pole you see out the window. Its been sort of fun to lean back, take a breather from sewing and watch my friends, the birds. I almost don't want to take away that awful hole, but it sure will be more feasible to work in a cooler room. When I get my project done, I will be sure to post about it.

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