Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Years Everyone!

I can't believe I had to start another folder for my quilting photos for 2011. My folder for 2010 was getting pretty full like probably many of yours was.

But for my 1st post of this New Year - is my newest block for my Layer Cake Sampler.
Not a lot of quilting lately, there has been too much partying and trying to catch up on some needed rest for me. I reviewed my List for 2010 projects and I think that I will probably just throw it out the window and just concentrate on one project at a time. Its easier that way.
Anyways. thanks for reading my blog! I have made new blogging friends and look forward to making more and quilting more this next year.


  1. Great square...

    Happy New Years....

  2. And you have been busy making Ryder's bedding and curtains! You are the best!!!

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