Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Santa didn't come to our house till the day after Christmas. Whats up with that? Well, with a family our size and with all the different schedules, Sunday just seem to work out best for all 21 of us. My sweet sister Laura and her husband Ken came to Arizona from Pennsylvania for the upcoming birth of a new grand-daughter. It was so convenient for us because it would allow us to celebrate Christmas together which we haven't been able to do for 28 years. With all our children & grand-children we fill up the house and we did just that on the Sunday after Christmas. Laura and I have a bunch of good kids. They all married wonderful people and we couldn't be more happier. For Christmas, we knew Santa was going to come and we didn't think to many would mind that he was a day late. We wanted to Honor the Adult children with an ornament just for them. For example: Karen, we gave her this note attached to a Peace ornament made up with little beads glued to the letters.
Karen wants Love and Happiness
for all those around her
She is the Peacemaker

And for Jennifer, we gave her this note attached to a beautiful gold 3 demensional star.
She loves deeply and cares for
all those around her.
Her dreams are real and beautiful.
Jennifer is Passionate

We gave each adult an attribute that was just perfect for them. It was giving to them via Santa's red bag after, of course, all the kids receive their Santa gift. Santa made it comical at times but as he read the Attribute, I think it was much appreciated. I do know that Laura and I had the best time because we enjoyed so much the time we had together as we prepared this gift's for our children. Happy Holiday's Everyone!!!!!

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