Wednesday, December 8, 2010

When I decided to try and consolidate my "crafty" things all into one room I found a stash of yarn that was leftovers from other projects from when I used to crochet a lot. Because I can't seem to throw things away, I decided to make covered hangers, which I love!, and dishcloths. The photos don't justify the numbers made. I probably did about 12 hangers and now I am up to about 15 dishcloths. I don't usually use cotton yarn dishcloths, but I now have started because I made them and it has to be put to use or

why even bother making them in the first place. Its been a nice project to do while watching T.V. & I have discovered that they are kind of nice to use.
My hangers I adore because none of my clothes slip off of them and then I like to use them for hanging up my wash only clothes. I still have lots of quilt projects that I am working on, but this has been a nice change!

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  1. Oh wow....what a way to use up your yarn and create...