Thursday, September 3, 2009

I decided to make my granddaughter some big blocks for her 1st birthday. She is 14 months here and she is able to grab on to them and usually just throws them around. Her Dad is here helping her with building this tower. She is just so cute and its such a joy watching her grow. I just love being a grandmother. The blocks were pretty easy to make. I can imagine making pretty swirlly, pocka-dot, multi-colored blocks. That would be fun, maybe I will do that in the future.

Meanwhile, I have been very busy making bags. Just finished a couple of scrub tops for nurses at work and preparing to finish a quilt for my son Chase's finance bridal shower next week. Lots to do. This will be wedding #4 for the year. My daughter will be a couple months later. Soon I will post pictures of her dress that- yes I am making and is turning out very pretty. I am happy that she is pleased with the results. You'll be able to see photos of those soon.

Another project will be starting in 2010. Since this year has been quite a hectic year with a total of 5 weddings etc, my house is in deep need of purging. Closets that have stuff that I don't have any idea of whats hidden in the back, Cabinets with old sheets from way long yesteryear from kids growing and leaving the house. So each month I will pick a area that needs deep cleaning and just go for it. Purge, donate or just throw away.

How funny it is that my craft/sewing room is probable the most organized. Is that a sign of a true Procraftinator? lol Wish me luck!

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  1. You will surely have to make me some of those polka dot building blocks in the future, whenever we decide to have a little bundle of joy!

    and as far as cleaning, let me know what I can do to help. I really love cleaning so I am willing to help with whatever I can.

    Love you!