Saturday, September 26, 2009

Time flies in blogger land. I can't believe that it is already Sept. 26 and 16 days since I last blogged. I suppose I can give myself credit for the last 9 days in which I took a much needed trip to visit my son Stephen and his wife Jodi down in Mississippi and then up to Pennsylvania to see my two sisters Laura and Lisa. Here are just a few photos, not much to show all that happen, just the highlights. One day we drove down the highway along the gulf and stopped to take photos of these wooden sculptures. The sculptures are works of art performed by a man using the trees that were uprooted and damaged from Hurricane Katrina 4 years ago. This bird one was rather striking because each bird is sculpted from a different branch of the tree as it splits off. These sculptures are all located in the island of the highway as you travel up and down the coast.

This second photo is Stephen and Jodi in New Orleans. A little day trip that we took. We visited the French Quarter and because it was so humid, my hair was all plastered down so therefore you don't get to see a picture of me.

My photos are out of order - oops!

In this one Stephen, Jodi and I are standing in front of a seahorse, another one of the sculpted trees. Its hard to visualize because we are standing in a odd spot.

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