Thursday, September 10, 2009

These are the photos for my wedding quilt for my son Chase and his fiance Courtney. They are to be married Oct. 30th, but the bridal shower is this Saturday, and its usually its at the bridal shower that I give them this gift. This is quilt # 41 and I'll be starting quilt #42 pretty shortly for the next child of mine to be married this year. These weddings have been keeping me quite busy this year. Its been a delite, especially with the quilt making. I sure hope Chase and Courtney like it. I think they will.

This pattern just came out in the American Patchwork & Quilting Aug. 2009 issue. My photos don't do justice compared to the photos in the magazine. When you pull up a close up on this photo you can see my ever learning machine quilting. I don't use a giant long-arm with my quilts. I have often thought of maybe someday purchasing one, but I have mixed emotions about my own ability to maneuver the quilt on my mega-quilter over the computer controlled designs. The long-arm does have its advantages, but because I don't have money or space I guess I'll side with trying to strengthen my own skills on my old faithful machine.

With this close-up, you can see that its a great pattern for using up a lot of your scrappy leftovers. I'm convinced that scrappy never has to look like leftovers. Hope you enjoy!
P.S. - if you see Courtney before the Bridal Shower, Don't tell her!

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  1. SO so SO very cute! Great Job Sis.. Now we both know that your future should be in your own Quilt Shop and I see you designing those fabulous Quilts. Just promise me that I can work in the shop when ever I am in Town! You are my inspiration!